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Anticipating the progress of the Covid-19 can be useful for making many decisions: can bars and restaurants reopen? Can I book my holiday for this summer? Will we go to school in September? Here is how to predict the answers to these questions.

Support mrSIR model 

The project we are working on is based on mrSIR mathematical model, which is able to predict the development of the pandemic with more than 90% accuracy over a period of 8 weeks. However, the processing of this data requires very powerful computers, which unfortunately we do not have.

Your donation will help us to cover the cost of the tools we need to give you free and unbiased information about the pandemic. Support the project with us and help us improve public research on Covid-19.


Donate directly on our IBAN with Associazione Italia Digitale as holder and mrSIR + you email address as causal.

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Donations and rewards

Your donation will help us buy the tools we need to give you free information about the pandemic. In addition, when you donate we will give you rewards to thank you and update you.

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Your first and last name will appear, if you wish, on our thank you page.

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We will send you by email the forecast reports published on the site with a time scale of 14 days for at least 2 months. It also include: #grazie

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Participation in 2 live events with the founders of the project. Closed group mode of Facebook, details will be communicated near the events. It also include: #grazie and #ioapprofondisco

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Your first and your last name on the “About us” page within the project site. It also include: #iorestoaggiornato and #ioapprofondisco

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We will send you a 45-day time scale forecast report via email: you will be able to know the pandemic’s trends one and a half months in advance. It also include: #grazie #iorestoaggiornato #ioapprofondisco.